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Get your new SBLP alternative teachers certified.

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How does your school currently address the complexities of licensure and instructional support for alternative teachers?

Licensure Simplified.  Teachers empowered.

At Collab, we focus on empowering your teacher's journey: We guide new alternative teachers through NH state licensure, ensuring a stress-free experience, handling paperwork intricacies, and offering confidential instructional support.  We establish a space free from judgment to facilitate reflection, concentrate on student instruction and provide professional development courses to meet the required competencies.


Collab exceeds expectations in providing unparalleled support to new alternative teachers, taking a proactive approach at every stage of the SBLP process.  We work collaborate closely with the new alternative teacher and take charge of the intricacies, ensuring a smooth licensing process.

Professional Development Personalized

Collab surpasses conventional continuing education by providing rigorous and practical insights tailored to the specific needs of teachers. In collaboration with the teacher, Principal/Director, and the teacher's mentor, we identify strengths and areas for improvement.  

Here are what our teachers are saying...

From a Year 1

Welding teacher

"According to a survey conducted by the National Education Association this year, 80 percent of the organization’s members said they had seen more educators retiring or leaving the job since the pandemic started."

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