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Personalized Professional Development:
Small Classes, Big Impact—Tailoring Success to Your Teaching Journey

Every course is tailored to the unique needs of each new teacher. Before the commencement of each course, our instructor collaborates with the new Alternative Teacher, their mentor, and/or CTE Director/Principal to pinpoint specific strengths and areas in need of deeper instruction and builds a personalized syllabus based on the teacher's needs. Furthermore, our courses limit the class size to no more than three new teachers with shared skillsets.


All of our courses are intensive in nature and are run in an unique hybrid format where the instructor will work with the teacher participants on-site (at their school of work) while also also offering online instruction.  We believe the best way for teachers to excel is to have our instructors on-site providing immediate feedback and allowing reflective opportunities between our visits.  

Specializing in the New Hampshire SBLP Certification


CTE Curriculum & Instruction Mastery

CTE Classroom Management: Effective Strategies for Dynamic Classroom 

This course equips new Alternative CTE Teachers with essential skills in curriculum design and assessment strategies. Delve into principles of curriculum development, aligning objectives with standards, and creating engaging lesson plans. Explore diverse assessment types, formative vs. summative assessments, and leverage data for informed instructional decisions. This hands-on course ensures these new Alternative CTE Teachers gain practical insights to enhance their teaching practices and elevate student learning outcomes.  

Designed exclusively for new Alternative CTE teachers, this course offers targeted strategies to master classroom management in dynamic CTE settings. Explore proven techniques for creating an engaging, structured, and collaborative learning environment. Guided by an experienced former CTE instructor, teachers will apply principles directly to the CTE context through practical scenarios and collaborative discussions. Throughout the course, participants will explore proven techniques for managing diverse classroom dynamics, addressing unique challenges faced in CTE settings. From establishing clear expectations and fostering a positive classroom culture to integrating technology and hands-on activities, this program equips educators with the tools to cultivate an optimal learning environment.

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About the Instructor

My name is Tiffany Whitcomb

All of our courses are led by a certified New Hampshire Teacher, who is also a former Alternative CTE Teacher. Our courses are enriched by Tiffany's Master's in Education with a specialized focus in Curriculum & Instruction from Rivier College.  She is a currently a content writer for Premiere - #1 Trusted Continuing Education Platform, Education Strategist for Wise Marketing Strategy, and assists NH Alternative Teachers with the SBLP process.

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