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Get your new SBLP alternative teachers certified.

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How does your school currently address the complexities of licensure and instructional support for alternative teachers?

Licensure Simplified.  Teachers empowered.

At Collab, we focus on empowering your teacher's journey: We guide new alternative teachers through NH state licensure, ensuring a stress-free experience, handling paperwork intricacies, and offering confidential instructional support.  We establish a space free from judgment to facilitate reflection, concentrate on student instruction and provide confidential instructional support to each new teacher.  

Licensing simplified


Collab exceeds expectations in providing unparalleled support to new alternative teachers, taking a proactive approach at every stage of the SBLP process. 

experienced professional

We work collaboratively closely with the new alternative teacher and take charge of the intricacies, ensuring a smooth licensing process while alleviating the workload for the teacher and administration.

personalized support

Our professional development support is tailored for teachers and districts seeking assistance. We actively engage in curriculum planning, classroom management, and address diverse topics based on the unique needs of teachers and districts.

Here are what our teachers are saying...

From a Year 1

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Technology Teacher

"Tiffany has broken everything down to basics steps.  She created a step-by-step tutorial to help me fill out paperwork.  I would be lost without Tiffany and without her, I probably would have given up."

From a

NH CTE Director

"Tiffany has been an amazing resource and sounding board for my new faculty. She connect with my prospective teachers as early as the interview process to help guide them through the entire credentialing process from SOE to SBLP creation to end of plan submission. Utilizing her services has saved me countless hours and reduced the stress of my new faculty members."

From a Year 1 

Welding Teacher

"Switching to a new profession of teaching can be overwhelming.  The state requires a lot of paperwork from you and I did not know where to start.  Tiffany handles all of that and more, making the move to a new profession as easy as can be."

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