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Who Are We
& Our "Why"



Founder & Educator

Tiffany Whitcomb is a certified New Hampshire educator with nearly 15 years of experience teaching business at the secondary level. Holding a Master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction, she leverages her knowledge to assist the emerging cohort of alternative teachers in developing rigorous Project-Based Learning (PBL) opportunities for their students, among other things.

The inception of Collaborative Teaching Solutions was inspired by Tiffany's firsthand experience transitioning into an alternative teaching role. After teaching for nearly 15 years and resigning due to having three daughters at home, she took the opportunity to reflect on her transition from industry to the classroom. During this period, Tiffany embarked on a mission to navigate and simplify the challenging alternative licensure process. In 2022, her vision materialized, giving rise to Collaborative Teaching Solutions.

While Tiffany occasionally reflects on her fond memories of being in the classroom, she takes immense pride in actively listening and collaborating with alternative teachers. Her dedication lies in discerning the most effective avenues for success, demonstrating a commitment to personalized support for each individual within Collaborative Teaching Solutions.


Supporting Teachers Together

Every educational institution prioritizes student achievement, aiming to prepare students for graduation and equip them to become productive members of society. The key to achieving this goal lies in the recruitment, hiring, support, and retention of high-quality teachers.

Alternative teachers bring a distinctive skillset to the classroom, integrating real-world experiences into class assignments. Despite their ability to engage students while meeting curriculum requirements, these educators often find themselves diverted from their classroom duties to navigate the lengthy process of submitting materials for their state license.

At Collab, our exclusive mission is to provide unwavering support to alternative teachers, ensuring their success in the classroom for years to come. Through effective licensure processes and personalized professional development, we empower these educators to focus on what truly matters – delivering quality education to their students.

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