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NH Licensing Program

The NH Licensing Program is an all encompasses support program that involves assisting alternative teachers throughout the complexities of the state SBLP process while offering instructional support.  We serve as a facilitator to streamline the SBLP process for alternative teachers by working closely with each new teacher, offering invaluable direct support.  We do the "heavy lifting" by developing all necessary materials after collaborating with the new teacher.  The new teacher reviews the information, approves the work and then collaboratives with their mentor.   If any issues arise with the state, we stay involved and resolve the issue. 

Simplify state licensure requirements with a single dedicated point of contact for all new alternative hires

Workload relief for administration and new teacher

Experienced, certified educator providing support, as needed

One-on-one confidential instructional support 

Positive work culture ensuring new teachers feel valued and supported

During the NH Licensing Program, we naturally develop strong relationships with these teachers.  During the Educator Empowerment Program, we actively engage in curriculum planning, collaborating closely with educators to design effective and engaging instructional materials. Classroom management, a cornerstone of successful teaching, is a focal point in our support, ensuring teachers acquire the skills and strategies to foster a positive and conducive learning environment. Beyond these core areas, our service extends to address diverse aspects based on the unique needs of teachers and districts, providing a holistic approach to professional growth. With a commitment to excellence, we empower educators with the knowledge and tools needed to enhance their teaching practices and, consequently, elevate the overall learning experience for students.  We strongly believe providing this service in a confidential manner, allowing teachers to be vulnerable and honest.  This service is provided as needed, based on when and how the teacher needs it.

Educator Empowerment Program 

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