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The NH Licensing Program serves as a facilitator to streamline the SOE and SBLP process for alternative teachers in the state of New Hampshire. I work closely with each new teacher, offering invaluable support to develop all necessary materials, from fingerprints to SBLP documents. My mission is to guide and empower these educators, ensuring a smooth and successful journey through the licensing process.

The Alt Coaching Program is a specialized initiative designed to offer support to new alternative teachers. As a confidential mentor, I stand alongside these unique educators, providing personalized assistance that spans from classroom observations to expert lesson planning. My mission is to empower and guide new alternative teachers on their path to success, ensuring a seamless and enriching teaching experience.

Simplify state licensure requirements with a single dedicated point of contact for all new alternative hires

Workload relief for full-time staff

Experienced, certified educator providing support, as needed

Low cost

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