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Alternative Teachers

Collaborative Teaching Solutions is a professional development company for school districts to help support and retain its most vulnerable secondary teachers; those going through the alternative licensure pathway

How is your district  supporting its alternative  (industry-to-classroom) secondary teachers?

Alternative Teacher Hired

Continuing Education/College Courses Starts

Beginner Educator's Licensure Achieved

The Gap

"The Gap" is the time period when the alternative teacher is hired and when they start their continuing education/college courses to when they achieve their BEL.  These teachers are responsible for immediate student instruction, yet have no or limited educational background.   Between going through the state licensure requirements, learning the operations of a school and the curriculum,   this can cause an overwhelming amount of stress for these new alternative teachers and can hinder student achievement.

How is your district helping its new alternative teachers who are in the classroom?

This is where the challenge lies ahead for most districts.   A gap is created in the support for these new alternative secondary teachers.  While most districts will provide mentors to these teachers - these mentors are typically veteran teachers who lack the time to provide the help needed when it comes to state licensure assistance and classroom help.

Additionally, new alternative teachers typically do not take continuing education/college courses immediately upon hire due to their unsurety of teaching being a permanent career and the rigor and time commitment of these courses.

Let us help fill this gap.

At Collaborative Teaching Solutions, our focus is to be a trusted and confidential mentor, providing a comprehensive range of support to new alternative teachers. We are dedicated to guiding them in obtaining their SOE to Intern License to BEL, working closely with each teacher whenever and wherever they need assistance. Our ultimate goal is to ensure a successful and enriching first three years of their teaching journey.

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